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Jaimal and Sawan Singh, The Great Secrets of Radhasoami Beas. The early history of a religion with 4,000,000 total members from all groups. The West has never seen the turbulent early years before. Around 1918 Sawan Singh broke away as an initiator for Agra Gurus and declared himself a Master. This article shows the Beas lineage may be a mythical concoction which eliminated 4 Sat Gurus out of necessity. See why Jaimal was officially chastised for posing as a guru and being excommunicated just 3 days before he died. Why was Jaimal thrown out of the satsangs of Salig Ram and Misra ? Who actually wrote the letters attributed to Jaimal in Beas books ? Who killed Path of the Masters author Julian Johnson at the Dera ? Why did Jagat's wife attempt suicide off a tower at Beas and his son actually succeed ? Read the first hand account of a rep whom smuggled goods into India for Charan at the risk of going to jail. Did you know Swami Ji was not the founder of Radhasoami Faith ? According to Faqir Chand, whom Sawan endorsed as an RS master and gave permission to change the teachings, while Charan endorsed in public on tape, modern day Radhasoami gurus have no power, do not project their radiant forms, do not come for the disciple at death, do not take the disciples karma and do not even know what happens after death, not to mention the inner planes have no real existance. Did you know Radhasoami initiation is almost identical to Yogananda's group and it is kundalini yoga ? A look at the Kirpal succession. Did Kirpal Singh lie about being Sawan's successor ? Did you know Darshan stood before a crowd and proclaimed he was not the successor to Kirpal ? Read Sawan's registered wills and find out what ordinary seva job he allocated to Kirpal at the Dera after his death. Are you aware Elvis Presley practised surat shabda yoga in Yogananda's group ? Is Gurinder the first billionaire Guru ?

Radhasoami Beas Initiation, Kirpal Groups Initiation, Yogananda first initiation, Summa Ching Hai initiation.

Presiding dieties, chakras, sounds.. You don't need a guru. All they do is take your money. Here is the 5 name initiation mantra. Stick your thumbs in your ears, with fingers over eyes and elbows on knees. Peer into darkness. Listen to sound from right ear with right hand thumb pressed over earlobe. No one gets anywhere with this even with a guru, even if you meditate 30 years.

Jot Naranjan, Om Kar, Rarankar, Sohang, Sat Nam

1.Sahas Dal Kanwel, Jot Naranjan Flame of candle, bell, conch shell, 3/4 inches behind Tirsa Til 2. Trikuti, Om Kar, Rising sun,, Thunder, drum, between two eyebrows. 3.Sunn (Dswan Dar), Ranrankar, Satan, Kal, Lucifer, full moon, fiddle, center of forehead. Maha Sunn vast region, Ankar is also the mantra of Aleister Crowley Satanic groups.. 4. Bhawar Gupta Sohang Ji, mid day sun, flute, 5. Sat Lok, Sat Nam, where hair starts on forehead,, harp, bin, 100 million suns 5a.Below are extra inner planes of Agra groups who go to Radhasoami Pad using Radhasoami mantra. 6. Alakh Lok, Alakh Parush, 2 fingers after hair starts, undescribable 7. Agam Lok, Agam Parush, 2 fingers after Alakh line, undescribable 8. Radhasoami Dayal, top of head, undescribable It should be noted no inner planes actually exist as real places. They are just places in your brain. Some caution needs to be exercised using the 5 names, as they envoke Satan.

PARAM SANT SATGURU SALIG RAM - Founder of Radhasoami Faith



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Pre Swami Ji lineage :
Tulsi Sahib d.1843
Girdhari Das d. 1861
Beas lineage :
1843-1861 appx. Girdhari Das (possible)**
1861-1878 Swami Ji,
1878-1884 Salig Ram
1884-1903 Jaimal Singh
1903-1907 Sankar Misra
1907-1913 'Buaji' Maheswari Devi
1909-1918 'Babuji' Madhav Sinha(overlap)
1918-1948 Sawan Singh
1948-1951 Jagat Singh
1951-1990 Charan Singh
1990-current Gurinder Singh
End Beas Gurus
Note** Jaimal may have been initiated by Girdhari Das
(a Tulsi Sahib disciple), not Swami Ji.
Agra lineage :
1861-1878 'Swami Ji' Shiv Dayal Singh
1878-1898 'Hazur' Rai Saligram
1898-1907 Brahm Sankar Misra
1907-1913 'Bauji' Mahewari Devi
1909-1949 'Babuji' Madhav Sinha *
*(overlap woman guru)
End Agra Gurus



Painting c. Jeffery K. Bedrick
Aeroplanes c. James M. Self
Photo art c. Dayal Sahab,Dayalpuri,Muzaffar,Nagar,U.P. & Agra R.S.
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No inferences to the integrity of any Radhasoami group made.


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