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Since Secret History was originally written, a Beas rep in Europe is stating both Jaimal's secretary and the local postmaster at Beas wrote many of the letters. This was never mentioned by Beas in their books..

**See Jaimal's letters below in notes. This writer of Secret History feels the key letter of Jaimal to Sawan, giving his reasons for not wanting to join the Council, is bogus for the following reasons: #1, that Misra used Radhaswami name at initiation instead of the 5 names and had forgotten the method of bhajan. Jaimal and Sawan accepted Chachaji as a sant and Chachaji used Radhasoami as initiation word. Since Misra mentioned in letters squatting position, this was not at issue. Solace to Satsangis, 1907, Benares, Misra writes to satsangi in a July 16,1899 letter ; "Yes, somtimes the sound of the bell is heard without shutting the ears in the proscribed position..." Agra and related groups use exact initiation as Beas to this day, including squatting, except of course, they use Radhasoami as initiation word. Jaimal had given Sawan this exact (squatting) initiation in his 1894 initiation.

Reason #2 , Jaimal stated he wanted no part of the Council because Swami Ji's family had no part of it, nor authority in it. But, Chachaji (Swami Ji's brother was pre announced President of the Council) and 3 of his sons were on Council ballots for election. Chachaji and 2 of his sons were on the initial first Council, the 3rd son came on later. If Jaimal actually sent this letter to Sawan, Sawan would know it was not true. Sawan would have known Chachaji would be the president of the Council automatically, he was not in the voting for the Council. Sawan saw the ballots for Council which Jaimal sent him and could see the 3 sons of Chachaji on it.

The fact is, Sankar Misra had not changed the initiation, or bhajan, or method of meditation in any way. Sawan, upon taking leadership at Beas, told Chachaji he considered him the 'very form of Baba Jaimal' in Beas books. Only Radhasoami was the difference in initiation nam.
Spiritual Letters,Beas,page 105;(regarding Council) Jaimal says "the heirs of Swami Ji have no connection with it, nor is their authority recognized by the committee." Chachaji (Pratap Singh ) was the president of the Council formed in 1902, clearly the president would have authority!!! Remember, Radha Ji had died in 1894.
Hence, Jaimal's reasons for not wanting to join the Council given by Beas, are only plausible to people who know absolutely nothing about the history of the time. Regarding the money issue #3 (sending names of Beas initiates to Council), we will see that Chachaji, Sudarshan and Council gave a great deal of personal wealth to maintain it. It would appear Jaimal was the one wanting to keep satsang donations by not sending in the names of the Beas satsangis, not the Council, whom may have felt Jaimal's flock was being fleeced. And it is this writers belief that this was really a key issue. The excommunication was actually about Jaimal not sending in the names (although in court Adjohia (Salig Ram's son) said it was also because Jaimal was still posing as a guru). By not sending in the names, Jaimal knew the Council might have a difficult time determining how much money he had collected and what he was doing with it. It is recorded in a printed Beas letter from Jaimal to Sawan 'to wait until Chachaji asks for the names 3 or 4 times'. Jaimal claimed his satsangis were poor (as if Agra's satsangis were any better off?) and did not want them to donate to the Council.
Radhasoami Faith, Dr. Agam Mathur,p.111
Registed branches ....The Council kept a record of all such centres, and examined and audited their accounts. Note: Dr. Mathur's grandfather, Adjohia (Lalaji, son of Salig Ram), had been Council president after Chachaji's death. DR. Mathur is current master at Pipal Mandi of that group.
It is known Sawan also did not send in the names to the Council after Jaimal's death, but they must have felt he was honest with the donations, as he was not reprimanded. And Sawan, seeing the excommunication of Jaimal, would certainly not make the same mistake twice. But, we all know a few rich satsangis can make a guru quite wealthy, especially if properties are left in wills. Sikh's comprise about 61% of the population in the Punjab today.
It is this writers belief that the Council may have had suspicions about where the donations to Jaimal were going and how they were being spent. It has been rumored the Beas land was donated by Sikhs for use under the Granth Sahib to Jaimal and that Charan Singh went to court to affirm later, but this writer has not verified this.
It is claimed Jaimal and Sawan did not like the tomb of Swami Ji being built, but it has been recorded Sawan and disciples used to visit and perform homage with ritual there.
Spiritual Letters,1976,Beas,p.137 in Chachaji letter to Sawan quote says "It is my great desire that after Baba Ji and myself, there should be two or three Saints who should spread Radhaswami Mat". Chachaji had reprimanded Jaimal for posing as a guru. How in the world could Chachaji write in a letter that he considered Jaimal a Saint !!!!
Beas has not printed the reprimand from Chachaji and Council for posing as a guru. Wonder why ? Hence, Beas letters published in books are in severe authenticity question. Remember, any guru or group can write the most outrageous history they want and omit all important facts; and who can hold them responsible?
Perspective on the Council. Jaimal initiated about half his 2,000 disciples in Beas after his army retirement. So, when Council vote took place in 1902, he had at most 1,000 people in Beas, against the 10's of thousands of initiates from from the main groups of RS. Yet, Jaimal requested he be given 3 seats on the Council as a condition of his joining. He requested his satsangis not be required to donate money (aka, Jaimal not have to send Beas money in). Despite not being voted into Council, he was allowed to initiate on condition he stop posing as a guru and send in donations (names of initiates). According to all court testimony Jaimal broke his promises and was excommunicated.
Out of all these major high grade initiates of Swami Ji and Salig Ram, whom does Beas point to as confirmation of Jaimal's ligitimacy ? Baba Gharib Das, blind helpless sadhu. He had a tiny group that later became very strange and faded out of existence. Seems an extremely desperate fall back. Beas even has Chachaji asking Gharib Das a question on the inner planes in one of their books, to boost the status of this nobody. Chachaji did not consider Gharib Das a sat guru, but another unauthorized initiator, just like Jaimal and others. Part of the reason for the Council was to reign in these wildcats. Now days we might call them fakes.
It is interesting to note Adjohia ( Salig Ram's son who came in second in voting for Council and had largest RS group) verified in court, that he knew Misra would become the sat guru after his father. This verified Sudarshan's statements that they knew Sankar Misra was Salig Ram's successor long before Misra made it public.

Salig Ram letter to Sankar Misra April 6,1891 ; "You can initiate anyone whom you find a sincere seacher of truth and inclined to practise our mode of devotion", Holy Epistles,pt.2,1991,p.93.

Same book page 109, Salig Ram says in letter to Misra about Babuji Madhav Sinha (5th sat guru), "On leaving Allahabad, you should ask Babuji Madhav Sinha to take up the work of President of the Satsang and assist the Satsangis with his counsel and advice."

Babuji Madhav Sinha's grandmother was the elder sister of Swami Ji and Babuji had been initated by Swami Ji at a very young age. Photos of Swami Ji and Babuji together exist and are shown in this above referenced book. Babuji was one of Swami Ji's favorites and was also a blood relation to Tulsi Sahib of Hathras. Misra and Babuji were best friends and there are many letters from Salig Ram to them.

Same book page 2, the common salutation from Swami Ji to Salig Ram on letters was "Beloved of the Satguru, Blessed of the Lord, Adorned with Shabd, My dear Salig Ram !

Page 51 same book has Salig Ram using exact words in letter to Babuji Sinha as "Beloved of Radhasoami, Adorned with Shabd, My dear Babu Madho Prasad Ji Saheb !" Some decades later this salutation became common on satsangi letters to each other. Note Beas printed letters of Jaimal, for example.


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Correspondence with Certain Americans,Agra,1960,Vol.1,p.556-560.
Extracts of Sudarshan Singh Court Depositions under oath
Commission proceedings June 29,1926, 6:45 A.M.

Sudarshan states he is 68 years old and has been a Satsangi for 60 years. He was present at Swami Ji's last statement and noted he currently owned the home Swami Ji was born in at Panni Gali.

"Soami Ji left Soami Bagh and Radha Bagh. Soami Ji Maharaj said orally at the last moment that Chachaji was the owner of the Bagh. But, Chachaji had made Salig Ram to join in the arrangement and expenses. Chachaji considered that the property belonged to the Sant Sat Guru, and Soami Ji had said that Salig Ram was the Sant Sat Guru, so he (Chachaji) gave them in charge of Salig Ram....most of the expenses were defrayed by Salig Ram.... Maharaj Saheb (Sankar Misra) remained in possesion the same way as Salig Ram before him as Chachaji had found out from Salig Ram that Sankar Misra would be the future Sant Sat Guru. Salig Ram left Prem Bilas, Prem Niwas and other small houses. After Salig Ram, Sankar Misra became the owner of these properties. Chachaji executed a will in 1902 (to Misra) so there might be no future dispute of heirs or Satsangis. Now, Babuji (Madhav Sinha) is the absolute owner of the property with all rights, excepting the three Samadhs (of Soami Ji, Salig ram and Misra). I consider Sant Sat Guru Babuji (Madhav Sinha) as the incarnation of Radhasoami Dayal and I offer Bhet to him. I offered to Babuji Maharaj personally." End Sudarshan quote.
After the departure of Swami Ji, Baba Jaimal Singh accepted the leadership of Salig Ram.. For certain acts of misbehavior he was reprimanded by Salig Ram, after which he absented himself from Satsang. After Salig Ram's departure he came to Sankar Misra, but again had to be removed from Satsang for his unbecoming and undesirable activities.

Sawan Singh behaved meekly and respectfully before the Soami Bagh Gurus and maintained friendly relations. Bagga Singh ( a Jaimal successor ) was succeeded by Sardar Dewa Singh, whom also came to Soami Bagh and stayed for some time to attend Babuji's (Madhav Sinha) satsangs, and used to offer Bhets of significant amounts as a mark of respect and consideration for the parent stock.


As late as 1938, when Sawan Singh was attending Babuji's (Madhav Sinha) Satsang, he voluntarily chose to sit on the ground just as other members of the congregation, while Babuji occupied the raised seat on the dias, as Sant Sat Guru. Off and on Sawan Singh sought elucidations from Babuji of difficult hymns in Sar Bachan Poetry, and for this purpose he use to come all the way from Punjab to attend theSatsang of Babuji at Allahabad, and remained there for weeks together. Maheswari notes Sawan's action as an eye witness and Jaimal's actions as recorded in Privy Council Paper Book. Maheswari had a Masters of Science and his parents were Satsangis in 1900.

It should be noted Agra states many times Jaimal was an initiate of Swami Ji in their books, even Dr. Agam Mathur assumes it. But, it appears more as a matter of basis for discussion, as no proof is ever presented. It seems from politeness or courtesy to Beas, this concession is made by historians. The writer of Secret History has seen nothing even remotely close to proof from any group, including Beas, Jaimal was initiated by Swami Ji.

Note*.(Dec.25,1902, 3;00 P.M)
Jaimal and two others were allowed by Council to give initiation at the first meeting. One of the others was named Lala Raj Narain. When Salig Ram died Narain had spent much effort and money to get himself proclaimed as guru. It had failed, (Corres.1,1960,p.399,Agra).
It is interesting two would be gurus, Jaimal and Narain, were given permission to initiate at the first Council meeting. It is a clear indication the Council was reigning in those perceived as possible misfits. The third person allowed to initiate that day was Babu Nirmal Chandra Banerji. After Misra's death, he put forth the theory of perpetual interregnum. He had several followers in this view and the group lasted to modern days.

Salig Ram had started teaching Radhasoami faith before the death of Swami Ji, as Swami Ji stated in his last will. Upon, Swami Ji's death, Salig Ram immediately began giving discourses at Panni Gali, Agra. His job as Postmaster of Uttar Pradesh took him to Allahabad, where he gave initiation and satsangs for some years, until his retirement brought him back to Peepal Mandi, his home. He had thousands of disciples in this time period. Often, people look at Salig Ram's retirement date as his date of beginning guruship. This is incorrect, he immediately began acting as guru. Sudarshan's court testimony that Salig Ram manifested about 8 years after Swami Ji died, often causes this confusion.

It should be noted Dr. Agam Mathur, author of Radhasoami Faith as his doctorate book, 'Dadaji' as he is called, as master of Peepal Mandi group currently, is critical of the Council. But, his grandfather 'Lalaji' Adjohia was president of this Council after Chachaji. He remained president till his death in 1926 and had confirmed Sankar Misra was the Sat Guru of the day in court depositions, which exactly matched Sudarshan's testimony.

From letter #99, from "Spiritual Letters," published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas:

"You know that a committee has now been formed in Agra. Chacha Ji will also write to you on this subject. Chacha Ji desires that we should all co-operate with the Agra Committee. Although have given him my formal consent, it is not possible for me to agree with the committee because the 'updesh,' (initiation) of (Misra) is not in accordance with Swami Ji's method of Bhajan practice and have forgotten it altogether. On account of this, I cannot agree with the committee. You are being informed, and when Chacha Ji Maharaj writes to you, kindly tell him that this matter shoud be referred to Baba Jaimal Singh. I am informing Chacha Ji Maharaj that if they are prepared to satisfy my three conditions, I shall fully co-operate with them. The three conditions are:

1 ---The 'updesh', namely the system and method of Initiation and Bahajan, should be the same as was practised and taught by Swami Ji Maharaj, and not as ......

2--- We should hve the option of nominating three members from the Beas Satsang, but you and I should not become members. WE shall select our own members.

3 --- Offerings will not be solicitied form our Satsangis, because they ar all poor and we do not wish to take anything from them. Here we give 'updesh' (initiation) only for Bhajan and Simran.

End of Excerpt from letter #99.

From Spiritual Letters #97, published by RSSB:

"However,I may add that it is not possible for me to co-operate with (Misra) in matters spiritual. He is a disciple of (Salig Ram) and the latter had completely forgotten the method and details of Initiation, which was bestowed upon him by Swami Ji Maharaj. Therefore, how can (Misra) (this disciple of his) know anything about it? I have written this letter and enclosed the original so that you may also know the correct position. I shall myself inform Chacha Ji when I reply to him. He already knows and you should also know that the method of Abhyas (Shabd Practice) which was given by Swami Ji Maharaj was and is TRUE AND CORRECT, and you were all initated along those very lines (as instructed by Swami Ji Himself)."

Above copyright RS Beas, possibly Ruhani Satsang ,also.

Misra was initiated by and chief disciple of Salig Ram



Note : Such groups as Yogananda's, hold the tounge against the roof of the mouth to taste Nectar as they call it.

In the company of Saints, their kundalini is awakened, and through the supreme guru, they enjoy the supreme bliss" Guru Ramdas, page 1402 Sri Guru Granth Sahib

"The snake-like coil is now pierced through & through and I have dauntlessly met my Lord, the King... .....Merged in the Full-pervading Lord when I locked the breath within, then the celestial strain spontaneously began to resound." Kabir, page 972 SGGS

"If her mind pearl, like an ornament, be weaved into the thread of breath, and the bride puts on the decoration of compassion on her person, then the Beloved enjoys his sweetheart" Guru Nanak, page 359 SGGS

"The right & left nostrils are the guards of this body lyre , and this lyre synchronises a wonderful melody" Guru Nanak, page 907 SGGS

"Put thou thy life-breath in the right channel and establish good relation with thy Lord In this way thy fish-like mind shall be held and thy soul-swan shall fly not away from the Lord and thy body-wall shall not perish in vain." Guru Nanak, page 991 SGGS

"Says Nanak, if in the heart of his heart man contemplates his Lord, then with every breath of his, he quaffs nectar" Guru Nanak, page 992 SGGS

"He then mounts his breath to the 16 petalled sky and there flutters his wings in glee. In the profound trance a tree of God becomes manifest and it dries up the water of desire from the body-ground" Kabir, page 970 SGGS

"The left wind-pipe, the right wind-pipe and the central one, these 3 abide in one place" Sant Beni, page 974 SGGS

"The breath is drawn in by the left nostril, it is retained within Sukhmana & is breathed out by the right nostril, uttering 16 times the Lord's name" Jaidev, page 1106 SGGS

"I have obtained the 10th gate as a distilling fire and the channels of the Ida and Pingala (the left & right breath channnels according to tantra...) are the funnels to suck in and spit out, and mind as a golden vat. In that vat, the extremely pure stream of Name Nectar trickles. Like this I have distilled the essence of essences.

An incomparable thing has happened, my breath I have made the wine- cup." Kabir, page 92 SGGS

"By turning my breath inwards, I have pierced the six body chakras and my mind (surat) got enamoured of the Lord." Kabir, page 333 SGGS

"O brute of brawling and uncultured intellect, reversing thy breath from the world, turn it thou towards thy God. Intoxicate thou thy mind with the ambrosial stream that trickles from the furnace of the 10th gate" Kabir, page 1123 SGGS

c. Jeffrey K. Bedrick