Radhasoami, Beas Secret History, radhasoami, shabd The Council was voted upon by the different RS groups. It included Jaimal's name as candidate. While Misra and Adjohia received over 1800 votes each, Jaimal only received 36 votes. It would seem Jaimal's own Beas group did not support him. Jaimal states Chachaji was "happy" in a Beas printed letter he did not support the Council. Chachaji was in fact very unhappy with Jaimal.
Page 310 Correspondence 1, Maheswari says "Lala Sudarshan Singh, Chachaji's own son, introduced the Council resolution to administer the a strong warning to Baba Jaimal ". Beas notes Sudarshan as a Sant in their books. Sudarshan Singh was Chachaji's youngest son. He was at the last testament of Swami Ji and asked the now infamous question " Whom do we turn to for advice", Swami Ji replied, "Salig Ram" and of course "Salig Ram has started the Radhaswami Faith, let it also continue". In Beas books, Sawan bows at the feet of Sudarshan Singh ( see With a Great Master in India, Beas, 1982, page 158 ). The author notes him as a Saint. In fact Sawan had called him such exalted names, Sudarshan had to reprimand him for their use.
Radhaswami Faith, A Historical Study. Dr. Agam Mathur, page 120 : "Jaimal....Council cancelled his license to initiate. In order to establish that he was the direct descendant of Swami Ji, the followers of Jaimal Singh twisted the truth...formulated the theory...Radhasoami is not dhunyatmak name, but the five names as revealed by earlier saints." Agam Mathur (Dadaji) is the one of the foremost authorities in the world on sant mat, great great grandson of Saligram and current master at Peepal Mundi.
Below reference: Biography of Buaji (Devi) Saheba (4th sat guru, woman), Agra 1983 pages 11-14. Letter exists to this day, printed and dated April 3,1910. ; quote by Misra, contained in letter of Sudarshan. "The Nij Ansh is in female form, she cannot be expected to function fully. This Nij Ansh shall in future function fully as an Achara in the male form ." (end Misra quote) In same letter Sudarshan continues, " A few days prior to the day on which this declaration was made, Misra informed in camera four or five satsangis...that the Nij Dhar was in His sister(Buaji).This fact was also communicated to me, in strict confidence by Maharaj Saheb some time in 1887. Maharaj Saheb(Misra)told me at that time that this was what Swami Ji communicated to Hazur Maharaj (Salig Ram), and Hazur(Salig Ram) in His turn communicated it to Maharaj Saheb(Misra)." end Sudarshan letter quote.
Quotes under oath in court by Sudarshan Singh. " After Maharaj Saheb( Misra), Buaji Saheba became the sant sat guru, and after her, Babuji Maharaj (don't confuse name with Jaimal, different master, 5th Council guru died 1949) . I can state the former sat gurus were giving me hints about the successor-sant sat gurus. Swami Ji had spoken in CLEAR TERMS about Hazur Maharaj( Salig Ram). During His ( Salig Ram's) last days, Hazur (Salig Ram) gave out to me that Soami Ji (Swami Ji) had told Him that two Nij Ansh of his( Swami Ji) were in Benares as brother and sister and they should be taken care of...Buaji was a full Avatar and incarnation of Radhasaomi Dayal...after the departure of Misra, Buaji was Sant Guru...." end quote Sudarshan ( Buaji Devi was the sister mentioned and 4th sat guru of Agra lineage, after Misra for Council, whom was 3rd)
Same book,page 16, Adjohia (son of Salig Ram)called Lalaji, whom latter became president of the Council, states exactly what Sudarshan has just stated above. His quote comes under oath in law suit by Dayal Bagh. Remember, Adjohia was 7 votes behind Misra in Council vote, but acknowleged his father Salig Ram said Misra was the next Guru and Bauji Devi, his sister was Nij Ansh. My research shows him a possible legitimate sant, also. But, he followed the Council sat gurus strictly, such was his humility.
So we see Sudarshan Singh follow the parent lineage till the day he died. There is absolutely no question of this from his many records and letters, which exist to this day and court testimony. Beas, in its Spiritual Letters book, 'does not make clear Sudarshan Singh followed the parent Agra lineage to his dying day'. Beas leaves the impression Sudarshan Singh endorsed Sawan. The fifth sat guru for the Council was Babuji Madhav Sinha, whom died in 1949 . Babuji Sinha was Sudarshan's master when he died in 1935.
It is also a misconception the vote was to determine the next sat guru. Misra and Chachaji started the Council with the ballots stating 'when the Sat Guru again makes His Advent'. But, we know Chachaji, Sudarshan and Adjohia already knew Sankar Misra (chief disciple of Salig Ram) was the next sat guru, despite his early letters holding people at bay. It appears Misra was already known as the next sat guru before he brought the Council together. Obviously all the Council, Chachaji and sons knew he was the highest among them. Misra was in absolute control of Council as Sat Guru. Misra was highly intelligent and had a masters degree.
His good friend Babuji Sinha (5th guru) was already acting as sat guru for Misra's sister Bauji Devi from 1909 onward to her 1913 death, therefore there is little question about his inheritance of guruship from Bauji Devi. Babuji did check out other claimants after her death, but it appears from curiosity and to check dissidents. Salig Ram's letters had predicted all sorts of gurus styling themselves Radhasoami. Babuji could not stop the dissidents after the death of Chachaji. Gharib Das was a great example of a man claiming to be a guru who's group has been described as bizarre. We only need look back in history, at all the scores of guru claimants, to see how far fetched many of them were. We only need look at some current gurus to see helpless self righteous people in full pretense mode. The current state of affairs is far more scary than anything seen in the past and can only be described as 'slick' and 'polished' history and rethoric, in severe degeneration of the remarkable faith Salig Ram had begun.
As letters from these original gurus can be misinterpreted, due to the extreme humility of Agra lineage, so can many other facts of history. Often we see Salig Ram dressed up in very beautiful costumes in old photos. Now days we don't realize disciples back then traveled hundreds of miles to reach him. They brought these beautiful garments for him to wear and return to them. The photos were then used by disciples for meditation. Salig Ram was the most extreme example of absolute humility in Radhasoami history. He constantly talked about love. A very astonishing man to say the least and certainly Radhasoami believers can be proud of their founder. Remember, when you read letters from Agra gurus, they were actually made known and printed by Agra RS group itself in their books, much to their credit.



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As previously stated Chachaji, Sudarshan and Adjohia were informed by Salig Ram (and vagely at hinted by Swami Ji with brother and sister statement) that Sankar Misra would be the next sat guru. People wrote letters to Misra asking when he would make himself known. He gently stalled them off till 1902 when he formed the Council. Sankar Misra was at Allahabad and Benares, with his sister Bauji Devi at their house, when he sent these reply letters below. The first letter strongly hints he is taking about himself as next master. Agra satsang was in a great deal of debt. He needed to keep bringing in funds to support the satsang. They may have had debtors prisons back then. It was noted around this time the Holy Family was selling assets to pay the debt of the satsang.
29th May, 1899
"It cannot be said definitely where the next Sant Sat Guru will appear, but wherever He re-incarnates, of course the Satsang will be held at His house and if he does not appear at Agra, He will nevertheless make occasional pilgrimages thereto for the continuity and consolidation of Radhasoami Faith, Agra being recognized as the original headquarters."
24th September, 1899
"I know nothing about the rumour relating to the declaration of a Sant Satguru in the end of this or beginning of next year. But, I do not suppose He will declare Himself in a formal way on some day appointed for the purpose. I believe His manifestation will be gradual."
Quotes above taken from original first edition of 'Solace to Satsangis', printed in Engligh, Benares 20th Dec., 1907, Prem Prasad, Secretary R.S. Satsang.


Did Tulsi Saheb of Hathras support the 5 names ?

Tulsi Saheb of Hathras gave a conflicting view of the 5 names. It seems he may have said the 5 Names are of Kal and it was better to apply a 6th secret Name

Antar gufa tahan chali jaun, Jahe sahib ke darshan paun Pancho naam jeev jab bhaka, Chatwa naam gupt kari rakha Pancho naam kal ke jano, Tab dani man shanka aano Nirgun Nirakar Nirbani, Dharamray yo panch bakhani

the possible translation

Then I go to the internal cave, I see the divine person. 5 Names were given to the people, 6th Name was kept secret All 5 names are of Kal that have caused doubt in peoples' minds. That is without attributes or shape, Dharamray gave out these 5 Names

Dharamray seems to be Dharamsdas, a disciple of Kabir.